5 Tips To Create the Best Entry Way

5 Tips To Create The Perfect Entryway

15 Seconds… This is how long it takes for the average person to either hate or love a home. Yep, that’s it!  By the time your guests enter your home, the first thing they see, smell, hear and experience is what will determine their feelings about the entire space.  You can easily affect someone’s sense by music and delightful scents…but when it comes to visuals, there are a few concepts that will create the best entryway to walk into.

The Perfect Balance

It’s proven! Symmetry is something that brings most people to peace. A sense of order, visual balance, or doubling up on a beautiful piece. We are not sure why, but it’s founded in scientific research that the human eye is in love with it. So let’s create some harmony and decorate with symmetry.

Make it Practical

May it be in wall gallery form, composition of shelves, or a single shelf piece (like this one), we can all enjoy a little extra storage  – and if it helps to proudly display all of our beautiful finds and family heirlooms, then even better! This combo was specially crafted for a busy mom. She loved to have all of her favorite items out of reach from children and pets alike.

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Make it Unforgettable

We often talk about an accent wall, yet we never talk about making it happen on the first wall you see when you enter your home. Why? Maybe we are all afraid to be bold and different! Just let go of the fear and make that entryway pop. Offset a vibrant wall color with a neutral and relaxing set of decor and furniture like this cute entryway in the suburbs of Washington DC.

Make it Comfy

A place to sit adds functionality to an otherwise “wasted” space. Your entryway and console could benefit from a small touch of comfort. Add a stool, a bench, or 2 small ottomans. This says to your guests: You are welcome here, take off your shoes and relax. Need more shoe storage? What about little storage ottomans instead… We love when design choices are both adorable and functional!

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The WOW Factor

Start your visit with an art show. There is nothing more luxurious and inviting than entering someone’s home and looking straight at a beautiful piece of art.
Have fun selecting  it, either in the form of a big and beautiful canvas or a sculpture… It should be bold and set the tone.
Designer Side Note: Local artists are amazing, you can have them customize a piece per your vision and know that you are helping a small local business and get a ONE of a KIND element in your home.  

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